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Derville Murphy is a practising Irish artist, architect and art historian who also works as an art consultant. In her work as an artist Murphy explores different ways of painting rather than developing a singular style. This has resulted in a body of work that initially appears disparate but within which common threads can be seen to emerge. In particular her interest in landscapes, urban and rural can be seen as she explores the effects of construction, deconstruction and demolition. Murphy illustrates that the causes and effects of mans intervention in the built environment can be consequential, as  seen in her paintings of famine cottages, or deliberate as is illustrated in the images of the Ballymun tower demolitions. In both scenarios remnants of the past add to the rich visual tapestry of the present. The discarded buildings shown in her paintings provide haunting reminders of previous occupants and different times. In Murphy’s abstract works this concern with landscape is also highlighted in her exploration of the mark making that occurs as a result of mans engineered alterations to the natural fabric of the landscape in the series entitled, Tracks.